7 reasons to visit Bali

Are you thinking on a holiday in Asia and you can’t take a decision about your destination? We’ll help you! Here is at least 7 good reasons to choose Bali:

1 Hindu Temples

Ulun Danu_2
Ulun Danu Temple

Balinese Hinduism is very different from Indian Hinduism as it incorporates a strong local animism, ascribing divine qualities to objects, places or material beings. In every village you will find at least three temples: “pura Puseh” (temple of the origin), “pura desa” (temple of the village) at the center of the daily activities area, and “pura dalem” (temple of the dead). The nine directional temples, designed to protect the island and its inhabitants from dark forces, are the largest and famous one. For Balinese people, the “mother temple” of Besakih on the slopes of Mount Agung is the most important of all because the volcano is considered holy.

Every decorative or structural element that you will see in a Balinese temple has a specific function of earthly or spiritual nature.


2 Typical cuisine

nasi campur
Nasi Campur

Whatever your food lifestyle is, here you will find a wide choice of dishes and ingredients. Balinese cuisine is rich in spices and vegetables, so vegetarians and vegans you will feel comfortable. There are dishes of meat and fish for omnivores. The most popular dishes are nasi goreng (fried rice with vegetables, spices and usually chicken), babi guling (suckling pig), nasi campur (rice with side of your choice). There is also a great choice of street food such as sate (chicken, pork or goat grilled on a skewer), bakso (soup of chicken, pork or beef meatball), gorengan (deep-fried vegetables, tofu or bananas).


3 Breathtaking landscapes

Ricefield near Tabanan

With a tour of the island you will have the chance to see different landscapes that will take your breath away: wide rice fields, volcanoes, lakes and beaches of black or white sand.

Also wandering around in small villages will be weird, you can feel you are living in another world where time has stopped. You could see a wood craftsman who works on his creation, women washing clothes in the river, children playing in the street with rocks. Probably attention that you will dedicate to them will be given back: there are still many villages in Bali, away from the tourist tracks, where a visitor causes emotion and laughter.


4 Relaxing massages

Balinese Massage

Balinese massage is now practiced throughout the world, but having it in the place where it originates is definitely a different experience. Treat yourself to an hour of relax, relying on an experienced person, eventually with a lush forest landscape or by the sea.


5 Hindu Rituals

Ceremony in the street of Kuta

Every aspect of Balinese people’s life is permeated by religion. The most striking example is the presence of canang sari, baskets of banana leaves containing flowers, rice, biscuits but also cigarettes and coins, with a stick of incense. You will mostly see them in the street, at intersections, in front of the entrance to restaurants, shops, places of work: it is a small donation to protect the most popular places, which is repeated several times during the day. There are also a lot of family ceremonies celebrated for different reasons: balinese birthday, temple’s anniversary,full moon.

You may have the chance to see them in the street, at the beach or in temples.


6 Dance Shows

Barong Dance

Dance and music are important attractions for visitors who are part of the Balinese culture. With or without gamelan orchestra, traditional dances have great and intense visual impact, don’t lose the chance to see them. The most famous are: Barong dance, Kecak and fire dance and Legong Keraton dance.


7 Many beaches

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Sometimes it happen to read on the web “if you are looking for beautiful beaches don’t go to Bali.” Here, we would like to say this is not true! If you are expecting the reef along the coast you are wrong, but you can find wide beaches of white sand and clear water here, if that’s what interests you. Just go to the Bukit Peninsula and spend some days for exploring them. If you are interested in snorkeling or diving the best area is the North of the island.



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