Ogoh-Ogoh parade

We already talked about Nyepi but do you know what happens in Bali on the eve of Nyepi? Demons walk in the street.

Don’t be scared,  just follow them and enjoy the Ogoh-ogoh parade.Ogoh-Ogoh4

Ogoh-ogoh are statues built for the Pengrupukan night  parade, which takes place on the eve of Nyepi. The main purpose of making an Ogoh-ogoh is to purify  the natural environment of any spiritual pollutants emitted from the activities of living beings (especially humans). By parading Ogoh-ogoh and, in the end, burn or destroy it, it is expected that those bad energies could be kept away from human race.Ogoh-Ogoh


Each banjar usually build one Ogoh-ogoh, but often some smaller Ogoh-Ogoh are also built by groups of children around the village. Ogoh-ogoh is made of light materials such as wood, bamboo, paper, and Styrofoam (lately Styrofoam is less used to be more eco-friendly) so it is easy to be lifted and paraded, normally standing on a pad of timber planks and bamboos as well. During the parade, accompanied by Gamelan performed by the youth, the Ogoh-ogoh is rotated counter-clockwise three times at every T-junction and crossroad of the village. This rotation representing the contact of the bodies with the spirits. It is intended to bewilder the evil spirits so that they go away and cease harming human beings.

The Ogoh-Ogoh parade ends with a show in front of the judges: all of the lifters and their crews represent a theme from Ramayana or other Hindu stories by dancing and acting to tell the story of their Ogoh-ogoh.Ogoh-Ogoh2


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